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Update Password
For UTP users that are using ITMS-issued workstation (laptop/desktop).
Kindly use below steps to change your password:

1. Connect to UTP VPN
2. On your workstation, press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously.
3. Click on Change Password.
4. Enter the required details.
5. You will see the message "Password has been changed".

Your password must meet UTP password policy as below:

1) Your password must be at least 14 characters long

2) Your password must meet three out of four criteria below.
a) Uppercase letters (A-Z)
b) Lowercase letters (a-z)
c) Numbers (0-9)
d) Symbols (@, %, #, etc)

3) Your password may NOT contain your display name. For example, a user 'Ali Ahmad (ITMS)' may not use 'Ali', 'Ahmad' or '(ITMS)'.

4) You must not repeat any password that you have used before.

Password changes may take up to 30 minutes to take effect. Kindly contact UTP Unified Customer Services (UCS) for assistance.